As far as we are concerned, there’s nothing more important than your product’s packaging.

拉斯维加斯官方_拉斯维加斯网址_拉斯维加斯网站rose plastic is regarded as the world’s No. 1 supplier of high-quality hard plastic packaging for the tooling industry. But many other industries also appreciate the uncompromising quality, precision and reliability of the third-generation owner-managed company. Manufacturers of industrial components, suppliers for DIY stores and the tool trade as well as manufacturers of consumer products and branded goods rely on our efficiency and experience.

With around 800 employees at 10 locations worldwide, we are where our customers are. For short distances, reliable logistics and sustainable management. Plastic packaging from rose plastic protects your products optimally and combines functionality with sales-promoting product presentation. Our product range comprises more than 4,000 packagings for a wide variety of applications, for example plastic sleeves, boxes, cassettes, cases and transport and storage systems.

拉斯维加斯官方_拉斯维加斯网址_拉斯维加斯网站Packaging solutions for your products from the fields of medical device, dental, healthcare and laboratory can be found in a large selection at .

RoseCase ProSecure – exceptional durability

拉斯维加斯官方_拉斯维加斯网址_拉斯维加斯网站Dustproof, waterproof, tough and secure. These are the features that make the RoseCase ProSecure from rose plastic stand out from the crowd. With this...

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